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Minor Thesis

Title: "Vertikalkanal für die Koppelnavigation in Landfahrzeugen mit GPS- und barometrischer Stützung"

Author: Jan Osburg

Publication Details: Studienarbeit (Minor Thesis), Institut für Flugregelung (Flight Mechanics and Control Institute), Universität Stuttgart. Stuttgart, Germany, July 1995.

Language: German

Translation of Title: Vertical dead-reckoning navigation for land vehicles with GPS and barometric support


An existing hybrid vehicle navigation system is extended to include altitude information. Therefore, an error model for vertical dead reckoning is developed after thorough examination of the underlying sensors. Special emphasis is placed on the Rockwell-Collins "PLGR" GPS receiver used by the system.

Based on this information, an optimal filtering algorithm (Kalman filter) is derived, implemented - together with the necessary equations for calculating an optimum estimate for altitude - as an Ada program, and proved by successful testing.

At the same time, a sub-optimal stationary filter is investigated in order to judge the accuracy of this computer-load-saving alternative.

Optionally, barometric altitude data can be used to support filtering, in which case the barometer is calibrated by GPS altitude data using a second Kalman filter.

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