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Master's Thesis

Title: "Entwurf eines Werkzeugs für Entwurf und Simulation synergetisch vernetzter Subsysteme von Raumstationen"

Author: Jan Osburg

Publication Details: Diplomarbeit (Master's Thesis) IRS-97-S-05, Institut für Raumfahrtsysteme (Space Systems Institute), Universität Stuttgart. Stuttgart, Germany, May 1997.

Language: German

Translation of Title: Development of a tool for design and simulation of synergistically linked space station subsystems


A new simulation environment, MELISSA, has been added to the "Space Station Design Workshop" software package used at the Space Systems Institute. The new environment supports modeling and simulation of network-type subsystems like the Environmental Control and Life Support System (ECLSS). It is based on the commercial software LabVIEW, which provides a convenient graphical programming environment and user interface.

Applications of MELISSA range from the analysis and validation of new ECLSS designs to parametric optimization studies to failure mode effects and criticality analysis of a life support system. Additionally, MELISSA can be employed for the purpose of training ECLSS developers and users, and as a teaching tool for lectures and seminars on system design. As a demonstration of the powerful capabilities of MELISSA, the ECLSS of the International Space Station was partially modeled. Its time-dependent behavior was analyzed under normal operating conditions and with partial subsystem failures. MELISSA was also used during an international workshop on space station design.

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